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Hi! I'm Amara, and this is my blog.

I'm a lifelong Maryland resident with a fondness for animals and nature, public parks and hiking, reading and writing, horror and fantasy fiction, and creativity in all its forms, and I've been blogging (mostly about books) since 2012.

No automatic alt text available.While I've always considered myself a cat person, I'm currently the proud owner human of a Beagle mix named Leif. He's a devious little handful who grew quite a bit bigger than I was promised (almost forty pounds!), and he's done quite a bit to teach me exactly why dog is considered mankind's best friend. I'm definitely still a cat person... but I think I'm a dog person now, too.

Right now, I'm living in a small, shamefully messy apartment... and my life is definitely ready for a makeover. With a half-formed dream of a homestead in the back of my mind, I'm devoting as much free time and creative effort as I can stand to renovating my world. I'm doing everything from focusing on my self-care and my mental health to exercising consistently for the first time to learning a new language (Spanish, like my ancestors!) to organizing, decluttering, and trying my hand at some DIY-ing.

Amara's Eden is where I'm going to be chronicling my journey, along with all its inherent lessons, failures, and (hopefully!) victories, and I'm grateful for each and every person who decides to follow along.

About the Blog

I've loved reading ever since I started learning as a toddler! After being the weird girl who read all the time in elementary and middle school, I went through a reading slump in high school before the returning to the hobby after discovering Goodreads, where I became a Superlibrarian and founded the Read by Theme book club. After reviewing at Goodreads for a short time, I created Amara's Eden on October 24, 2012.

I'm a fan of the fantasy and horror genres, but my heart belongs to children's media in all (well, most) of its forms. These days,

Books reviewed at Amara's Eden come from various sources, including second hand purchases from charity stores, books borrowed from my local library system, and eARCs downloaded from Netgalley and Edelweiss.

The source through which I received a book in no way influences my rating, review, or opinion of it. If you'd like to contact me with a review request, please see my review policy.

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